Exploring Molecular Ecology

Using Functional Genomics and Cell Physiology to understand the mechanisms involved in the development of complex traits in organisms.

About Me

Alabama Native.
Passionate Educator.
Diverse Researcher.


From water fleas to snakes.
From basepairs to populations.
Check out current research interests and projects here.

Curriculum Vitae

A record of professional accomplishment and contribution can be found here.

  • Translating scientific research for the advancement of primary education.
  • Employing biomedical knowledge and techniques for ecological systems and non-model organisms.
  • Laboratory training for undergraduates exploring research science as a career.


I firmly believe in nurturing and guiding youth through outreach education. Propagation of knowledge and critical thinking skills is necessary for the success and perpetuation of life. Introducing and fostering science education is essential to the growth and advancement of generations to come, and is key to developing conscious stewards of our planet and its biodiversity. Visit Fresh Air Family’s website to learn more about my work in community education.

Short Story

I am a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Alabama at Birmingham training with Dr. Brittany Lasseigne.

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