Mitochondrial Madness Pt. 2

This week’s post is a continuation of my previous post on assembling mitochondrial genomes from existing data. I referenced doing this last week, but I’m experiencing an episode of tunnel vision locked on k-mer analyses, which I plan to cover in my next blog post…it’s consuming and confusing. Also, because I pretend I can multitask,Continue reading “Mitochondrial Madness Pt. 2”

Mitochondrial Madness

When I started graduate school, I ran head first into genomics (wiki link). I didn’t even know what a “command line” was, and I didn’t know any programming languages…not even basic bash. Now after several computational biology courses, endless scrolls of genomics/bioinformatics forums, and free online coding courses — I know more than I didContinue reading “Mitochondrial Madness”

The First One is Always the Hardest.

The first blog post is what I’m referring to in my title. I’m typically not good with blogging or keeping up with the digital age — but I will admit that it is advantageous in many ways. For my first blog post, I thought I would focus on writing and/or talking about science to anyone.Continue reading “The First One is Always the Hardest.”

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