Mitochondrial Madness Pt. 2

This week’s post is a continuation of my previous post on assembling mitochondrial genomes from existing data. I referenced doing this last week, but I’m experiencing an episode of tunnel vision locked on k-mer analyses, which I plan to cover in my next blog post…it’s consuming and confusing. Also, because I pretend I can multitask,Continue reading “Mitochondrial Madness Pt. 2”

Mitochondrial Madness

When I started graduate school, I ran head first into genomics (wiki link). I didn’t even know what a “command line” was, and I didn’t know any programming languages…not even basic bash. Now after several computational biology courses, endless scrolls of genomics/bioinformatics forums, and free online coding courses — I know more than I didContinue reading “Mitochondrial Madness”

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